Response from Turkish Youth to Greta Thunberg’s Speech

Response from Turkish youth to Greta Thunberg’s speech: The eye of Turkish youth is on you!

Response from Turkish Youth to Greta Thunberg’s Speech

We make this statement on behalf of all the oppressed nations of the world.

As known, yesterday Greta Thunberg who gave a speech in UN climate summit was popularized in the social media. Greta and fifteen others below the age of 18 jointly signed a formal complaint accusing of France, Germany, Brazil and Argentina alongside Turkey on the basis of right to individual application according to the 2014 protocol. Turkey was one of the targets as responsible for human murders through environmental pollution. It might be as what Russian novelist Dostoevsky said once, “everyone is responsible for everything”, yet Turkey’s being targeted and taken responsible for a global issue contrary to the relatively minimal contribution to the problem, is but a part of the systematic effort to obfuscate the real problems and those responsible for them.

The Western establishment desires to create heroes out of so-called “activists.” The microphones, headlines and prime hours of TVs are ready and waiting for them. It is known by us why some foundations financed by global speculators are fond of these “activists.” It is because they are “sensitive” role-models who in fact preserve the capacity of the very system to survive despite their anti-systemic appearance. As heat sensitive missiles, they are disproportionally more sensitive to the oppressed nations. In Turkey, we reject this identity of being “activist” promoted by the Western-financed associations. Turkish youth is not activist but revolutionary; Young Turk or Jeune Turc if you like. The West should know this.

It is not Greta Thunberg that we target by this statement. Our word is for those who propel this kind of activism and ill-intended blaming in the person of Greta Thunberg. Our response will be on the very way of the speech that they endorsed so much.

I’m 16 years old too. We were supposed to be here and here we are. We were supposed to be at school, we’ve been and gathered here after school. In the world, hundreds of thousands of children go to school under the shadow of weapons, count themselves fortunate not to die and tens of thousands of lives fall apart because of the addictive substance promoted by Western culture and trafficking under mostly their control. And you, you take responsible Turkey for deaths of people. How dare you?!

You’ve stolen lives of millions of children by your empty rhetoric and hypocrite crocodile tears and claimed indeed lives of millions of people. True, Greta, you are among the lucky ones. You can sail through the ocean and attend to the UN climate summit. You can give speeches at the rostrums. You can make a complaint about Turkey. Tens of thousands of refugees are falling from inflatable boats and drowning in the middle of the seas because they are not so much lucky as you. The babies who came ashore do not draw your attention as much as the whales that came ashore.

You say that ecosystem is collapsing, and we are on the edge of mass extinction. In Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya and Turkey, there are mass murders because of the terrorist organizations supported by the US and European countries. The UN and its commissions do not see this human tragedy.

The economic growth that you despise as tales are the resistance and revolt of the oppressed nations against the cruel oppression and exploitation of the imperialist system. It is not by coincidence that Turkey, taken important steps on the path of independence by adopting more and more production-oriented economic strategy, is the target. Human rights, animal rights, environmental issues are nothing but the covers of sanctions or political pressure at the hands of the global powers’ predominating rhetoric. These values suddenly become important when their authority is challenged by these countries. So, once again, we ask you:

How dare you?

The West Asia, or the Middle East as you’d prefer, which the West turned into a bloodbath for decades had been the cradle of science, culture and art for centuries. As the blood of the millions of people and the remnants of the civilizations that you ruined on your hand, how dare you to judge us while you are the one that drained many brains, scientists and artists, by making their country unlivable?

If your sensitivity for human rights, children rights and environmental problems, your eyes shall see, your tongue shall speak, and your conscience (if any) shall disturb these above anything else. Your rostrums, newspapers, TVs shall be shaken by these issues.

The eye of Turkish youth is on you!

It is a truism that everyone should pay attention to environmental problems. This sensitivity cannot be thought of as separated from the wars and weapons on earth. One who claims to have environmental conscience must take into account first the wars initiated by the US on the geographies of the oppressed nations, the hydrogen bombs tested on international waters and the contribution of all to the environmental pollution. It can be explained by nothing but the purpose of deliberate deception to ignore the first three countries in the climate summit, the US, Australia, and Canada, that have the most carbon emission per capita by far. The fact that these countries is not a party to climate convention is not a reason for taking them exempt from criticism but this fact itself is a strong reason for criticism on its own right.

The West is giving aids of tons of weapons to the terrorist organizations every day. The heat of the bombs that cover the sky of Baghdadian, Palestinian, Yemenese, Libyan children are not less burning than global warming.

We agree with these words of Greta yet with our own sense: The world is awakening. And it desires to change, whether you like it or n

It is true that today the oppressing nations are awakening. The obsolete order of the US imperialism, Israel Zionism and European collaborators is falling apart. In science, art, sport, literature, cinema, economics and politics, the sharing and peaceful values of the Asia is ascending. The world is not shaped from Geneva nor Paris anymore but from Astana, Tehran, Sochi, Moscow, Beijing and Ankara. The new world, as was yesterday, building on the most aggressive fronts of the falling imperialism. The axis of civilization is shifting again to its birthplace. The stick of environmentalism and human rights at the hand of the UN cannot hamper the initiatives of Turkey towards military and economic developments. You should know the words of our founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: “peace at home, peace in the world.” We are also the children of a nation who shouted at the face of peril: “either independence or death!” True peace is possible on the basis of state independence and national emancipation and we are building that peace today. It is our call to build this new world together. As Goethe called forth some 200 years ago from the Europe:

            “(…) the West is in flames
            The crowns are falling apart, the thrones are overthrown

            Run, run for breathing the air of saints,

            Go to the East, the place of dawn…”


Rüveyda Mankan

Union of High School Students (TLB)

Ankara Provincial Head

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